Special Junior Opportunity Carlyle Resources CCC.ca – Private Placement , Undervalued Junior with room to run.

Everyone once in a while I get a deal that has great upside with a small amount of risk. In 2003 it was Desert Sun 2009 it was Underworld and Consolidated Thompson, In 2016 Wallbridge, in 2019 Aftermath, in 2021 Newfoundgold. I think that Carlyle with its resource growth potential and low market cap has upside from its current depressed and cheap valuation. They are doing a financing at 8.5 cents with a half warrant good for 3 years at 15 cents. In the video above I discuss how these warrants work and how they can increase your gains if a stock like this climbs in price. Disclosure David Skarica owns CCC, had a marketing contract with him and his family owns shares and he may have another contract in the future. Below is the company presentation and the subscription forms to participate in the private placement. Email me at addictedtoprofits@hotmail.com if you have any more questions or to email the forms which I will forward to the company.