New Update – MBT, MTL, TKC, NVDA Calls

I have a new audio update out in where I recommend three value plays two are Russian companies, the other a Turkish Telecom MBT and TKC both have huge dividends . I am just starting to accumulate emerging market dividend payers as I think in the next 5-10 years they will outperform similar to 2001-2011 . This is not a full scale purchase but rather we are dipping our toes in the water.

I know some may have reservations with buying Russian companies, but if you believe in maximum pessimism this is about as crazy selling as I have seen. Also the sanctions were pretty tame . The issue is in a stagflationary environment people need Russian oil, just like they needed Saudi oil even with embargoes etc… back in the seventies.

I am also going to recommend some March 250 calls on NVDA (i bought 260s myself a few weeks back) this will basically hedge the NVDA trade. In my podcast i discuss MTL and MBT calls they are super illiquid so I do not think I will go ahead with that just do the trade.

Next week the real time service will be launched and we will have a half dozen or so more . Then on March 7th I will relaunch the service . There will be the basic service with videos and stock picks and the trading service with in and out trades. I will be offering a reduced lifetime offer to the regular service for 1250 USD (50 percent off) which will also give you one year on the trading service. I will also have videos out on private placements, the current state of the market, value investing and the like in the coming week.

David Skarica

Disclosure owns calls and puts on NVDA family owns MTL, MBT and TKC,