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Pacific Ridge pex.v Acquires ONJO Copper Gold Project , Options out RDP Copper Project

I know the junior market has been tough in the past year, but there are always good companies if you can find them. Last year we found two companies one of them being Pacific Ridge PEX.v that is up nearly 4x in value since I helped them with marketing in April 2021.  Recently, the company has announced it has taken over one property , optioned off another one and announced great results in the past year. The company only has a 27 million market cap and I think it’s future is bright. 

Pacific Ridge Options RDP Copper Project Link below

Pacific Ridge Acquires ONJO Copper Gold Project Link Below

Disclosure, last year in 2021 david had a marketing agreement with PEX.v

Dolly Varden DV.v Merges with Fury , Vendetta VTT.v Locks in 4.7 million most at a premium to stock price, Pacific Ridge PEX.v intersects Massive Drill Hole


Dolly Varden Consolidates with Fury


VTT secures 4.7 in financing

Pacific Ridge News CLICK BELOW

Pacific Ridge, massive drill hole

Disclosure: David Owns VTT , Dolly Varden and VTT and sponsors of stock chart of the day and he has consulted with VTT and PEX in the past. He owns puts on NVDA