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New Watch List Addition AMMPOWER – Ammonia and Fertiliser with a Green Edge

Dear Reader,

I have a new watch list addition, which will be our last before I launch the site next week. I will have a more indepth report on the company on Friday and an interview with them in the coming weeks.

One thing that has been lost with the Russian invasion of Ukraine is that the main issue and threat of inflation is Food not energy. Russia and Belarus are two of the largest producers of Fertilisers in the world and Ukraine of Wheat. Much of which is exported to poorer African nations. Not only is supply constrained but many nations now want to become more independent in terms of energy production due to the concerns of dealing with Russia.  Enclosed below is the share Russia has in global commodities, note the huge share of Ammonia with 23 percent of market share, potash (also needed for food production) at 21 percent and 12 percent of Fertiliser and Urea both also needed for food production.

For a while have had a stock AMMPOWER on my radar the company has both Ammonia production and has just had launched a Agricultural machine which is capable of producing fertiliser. This will be very important for farmers who have been dependent on importing fertiliser. In addition their energy machine runs on Ammonia. Green ammonia is a route to ammonia in which hydrogen derived from water electrolysis powered by alternative energy replaces hydrocarbon-based hydrogen, making ammonia production virtually carbon dioxide–free. 

Recently the company produced a successful trial of its demo unit which showed even more productivity in producing Ammonia.
CLICK HERE For the press release. 

In addition in our website link we have provided there are two videos, one in which the CEO discusses the outlook of their Ammonia production techology and the other in which they take you through their facility in Michigan and show you the units themselves. 

I think though the Fertiliser units are where the big potential rises. Countries and farmers want to become independent.  And if you were to use the Ammonia from their production units to produce the energy needed to produce fertiliser it would also be essentially a green power source for the fertiliser.

The stock is also extremely cheap trading at 20 cents a share which represents only a 19 million dollar Canadian market cap. For our accredited readers they will soon be doing a financing and as I have been very cautious on markets this year I have done very little in terms of financings but I am interested in this one at this price. I will be buying some on Tuesday.

David Skarica

Disclosure David has a marketing agreement with and his family owns the stock