Vendetta VTT TSX – Price Now 4 cents FULL warrant , 4 Cent Form Now Enclosed

Note: VTT is cutting the sub price to 4 cents so what ever you buy at 5 you will be getting 20 percent more shares when it closes and the warrant will be at 6 cents and it is a FULL warrant

Overview of VTT

Interview with Mike Williams of VTT

Vendetta PP Term Sheet April 2020MW

1_VTT Sub Agreement_TEMPLATE_$0.04_REVISED

Wonton Deal Now Open and Interview with Lionheart



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New Podcast with Mike Swanson, Howestreet and ABBOTT LABS buy and Calls on ABT

I am also going to recommend ABT and ABT january 2021 110 dollar calls as a shot in the dark. I am not one for chasing stocks. However, this came to my attention a few weeks ago that they were working on testing kits for Corona.  This kits have a 5 minute response for negative and 13 minutes for positive.  I think this is a game changer it could help stabilize travel as someone could take a test at the airport before boarding a plane or on a dock before boarding a cruise ship. Also i think the uses of this will be long ranging in the next 6-12 months, their will be orders from other countries, and sporting events and the like might use them for the next year or require a fan take one before being able to attend a sporting event. Therefore, I think the market is really under estimating all of this. ABT hasn’t fallen that much and isn’t cheap stock but this could potentially be a game changer. Also I expect that at some point in the next 2-3 weeks the Feds might order a large amount (in the millions) and get other manufacturers to help Abbot mass produce these in the millions. I would not be surprised in the end if tens if not hundreds of millions of these are produced world wide. Its wortha  shot basically if i am wrong Abbott might drift back to 60-70 if I am right it will go to the hundreds of dollars. This is what I call betting a dime to make a dollar.  Abbott hit resistance at 83 this morning it needs to break the 82-83 level to breakout. 

I picked up some Jan 2021 110 calls as a shot in the dark at 1.75 a share .

disclosure owns ABT and owns ABT calls.

New Podcast Monday a Huge Game Changer for Precious Metals and Northern Fox unique opportunity in Mining/Crypto