Interview Mike Swanson, Seed Financing’s, Hedges, Option Trades and Special Deal

I have enclosed a new interview with Mike Swanson where we talk about a new trading strategy I have been experimented with over the past year.  Being in the mining industry for nearly 20 years I have great contacts and access to private placements, pre IPO and seed financing’s.  Basically, I have been buying these financing’s and using puts as a hedge for the past year . A few of these companies have done very well. I think this is as close as you get to a full proof strategy, as the financing’s range from tech to weed to mining one of these industries will always be in a bull market.   

We hedge these positions with put options on select companies we belief are bubbles. In addition we also use a straddle strategy in stocks that we think are due for big moves in either direction. This year, for example, in the newsletter we had straddles on WYNN, BITA and VIPS.  In the case of WYNN and BITA the calls soared as the stocks soared in price this year, where in the case of VIPS the puts soared as the stock fell in value.   Using this trading methodology you need stocks that are about to have big moves in one direction or another. With the low volatility in todays market this is not as easy as it sounds. We spend hours of time and research looking for stocks that look like they can have big moves in either direction so this can be a successful strategy. 

I talked about these strategies recently in an interview with Mike Swanson which is located below.

As I mention in the interview I have some new Pre IPO opportunities coming up and am offering a special deal to get into them. We have switched the newsletter over to a monthly billing system but I am giving one more opportunity to buy a yearly or lifetime/platinum subscription at a discounted level to the prorated monthly level.   The one year deal is 700 dollars which is nearly 20 percent off the new yearly rate and a lifetime subscription is 1500 dollars via paypal or 1350 via wire! This represents savings of 40 and 45 percent of the regular lifetime rate of 2500 dollars! These offers will only last till the end of October. If you are interested in either rate please email me at for more information. 

David Skarica