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You have been warned and finding value our offer ends Today


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We have a much different approach than most to the markets. When most other look for what is in favor we look for what is out of favor. As my mentor John Templeton would say you NEVER want to buy where the outlook is good.

A lot of it is pure math. If you own Apple at $100 and a near $600 billion market cap you need Apple to go to $200 and become the first ever $1 trillion company to double your money . If you own a beaten up out of favor company that you think can turn the corner that say has gone from 20 to 1, it only takes a move to 2 to double your money . However, finding these companies takes work which most will not put in.

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This has worked for us in recent months. While shorting has been difficult , buying out of favor longs has worked. We bought Russia in December and many of these companies are up 50 to 100 percent in just over 6 months time. Two of our holdings in the precious metals arena are up nearly 100 percent since the fall (one is being taken over which is a hard feat in this market).

For example I have enclosed two charts below. One is of MBT a Russian Telco we recommended at around 6.10 a share in December. In December there was doom and gloom all around Russia and we took a stab at this oversold market. Also I have enclosed a chart of COD Coastal Gold A company were were adding at $0.02-0.03 that is now being taken over closer to $0.06.



We use a long-short strategy in our newsletter similar to hedge funds. Right now I have a undervalued beaten up tech company that specializes in Social network and smartphone advertising that I think is about to turn the corner.

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ON the short side we have been warning about the dangers of this market for a year now. Many think they can time it exactly. They can not. What we have done is look for companies that we can think can fall regardless of the market and have purchased long dated put options as a hedge. If we get a tank in the market history shows us that these options can go up 500, 1000 percent or even more in value. We also recommend shorting these companies with tight stop losses.

The fact that Paul Tudor Jones, Julian Robertson, David Einhorn and some of the great investors in history have joined us in warning this means we must be onto to something.

With the market now having the third longest period in history without a 10 percent correction it gets more dangerous by the moment.

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It took me a long time to figure out how to trade like this. However, I think I now have the strategy down pat.

In recent weeks I have been warning that markets could meltdown. Using our protective put strategy and with some unique trades we have (one which involves shorting Japan). When the time is finally right these strategies could pay off big time.

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