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What is the Only Difference Between the Soviet Union in 1989 and the USA Today?

Special Crash Offer

Dear Reader,

Right now we live in strange and crazy times for stock markets. Never before have we seen such a coordinated effort by the powers that be to try to inflate a bubble. Investors are bullish and complacent . However, this is the MOST Dangerous time to be invested. When you want to buy is when others are panicking and selling not when all others are buying.


As I have outlined in my recent updates stocks by numerous measures are about as expensive on a long term basis as we have ever been. The Federal Reserve has created another bubble. However, they are now on our side. They are tapering and cutting back on printing not knowing that this is going to make the market roll over.

I have just sent my subscribers a important video showing that many sectors are beginning to show weakness and could begin to roll over . If you sign up for our service you will have access to that. Please video the video I have enclosed below for a special crash offer.

crashofferjulu222014 from David Skarica on Vimeo.

More importantly , this is a great opportunity to profit from an event that only happens a few times a generation. Crashes are very rare events. They are scary and most lose big. However, for the few that can see it coming crashes and bear markets can bring great opportunities.


In 1987 I am reminded of the story of Martin Zweig who put 1 percent of his portfolio into put options when the crash came he sold these puts for an average profit of 2000 percent and his portfolio gained 9 percent the day of the crash. The puts themselves gained an average of nearly 2000 percent.

The market has gone nearly 3 years without a 10 percent correction and is up nearly 80 percent during that time frame. This is very dangerous. I have a structured a special option portfolio in my trading service for Addicted to Profits in a way that even if we just got a run of the mill 10-15 percent correction it would make a lot of money for my readers. I am also putting my money where my mouth is and I have put over 25k into these options myself. We have already had two trades in TWTR puts and GDXJ calls that have produced near 200 percent profits!


As part of the deal I am going to give you a kicker. If there is not a correction by mid November and this portfolio does not go up 30 percent in price I will give you 1 year free to my Newsletter Addicted to Profits (value 700 dollars).

On top of this trading service I send weekly video and podcast updates and 20 issues a year. If you are interested in precious metals and contrarian investing I am just about to release a list of 6 gold stocks that I feel investors should own for the coming years. I am also going to release another report which spots three undervalued, unloved stocks that I think can climb in the coming years.

If you are interested please CLICK HERE to subscribe and try this trial. If I am correct about the market starting a major correction or even crash you should make 10 or even 100 times what you pay for this service. For less than 3 dollars a day why not give it a go!

Please act soon as this offer will be ending this Saturday!



David Skarica

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