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GM orders sales halt for recalled Cadillac

Comment : Meet the new GM same as the old GM

Will Stocks Stop Rising in Bizarro Market

Comment : Stocks don’t need a good economy to go up, but they can go up in a good economy. Fed prints, zero rates. We live in insane times.

Ignore the Fed, and Hold Stocks–jeff-macke-135636811.html

Comment : Holding stocks cause rates are zero is flawed. Ask anyone in Japan for the last 25 years how that worked out. The bulls will be right until they aren’t . Stock Market Cap is 130 percent of GDP highest since the dot com bubble and second highest ever. I am a fool now for not owning stocks. The USA as a empire is Rome in 400 AD things aren’t getting better. I am a realist.

June Retail Sales Miss

Yellen – Social Media, Biotech overvalued

Comment: Blah Blah Blah great, anyone who doesn’t know companies trading at 40 times revenues is insane is insane. However, who created this bubble?

Dow 17000 is on the Wrong Side of History

Even Hedge Funds Not Shorting

Argentina at brink of Default

Comment : This is news??

It’s Dow 44,000 Time–why-dow-44-000-is-coming-193910039.html

Commment: Let’s Party!!

If there is no recession it will really be different this time

worst GDP print in history_0