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Vendetta VTT TSX – Price Now 4 cents FULL warrant , 4 Cent Form Now Enclosed

Note: VTT is cutting the sub price to 4 cents so what ever you buy at 5 you will be getting 20 percent more shares when it closes and the warrant will be at 6 cents and it is a FULL warrant

Overview of VTT

Interview with Mike Williams of VTT

Vendetta PP Term Sheet April 2020MW

1_VTT Sub Agreement_TEMPLATE_$0.04_REVISED

Nevada King Interview, The Tesla Trade, Information and Forms on Nevada King

Podcast: The Tesla Short Short Squeeze Action As SPY Hits A New High (Special Guest David Skarica) – Mike Swanson (02/06/2020)

012420 NK Deck

1234721 B.C. Ltd. (Nevada King Mining Ltd.) Subscription – Private – Over 50 Holders $0.70 (1)