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IBM Asks Watson to Get it Growing Again

Comment : IBM debt has nearly doubled in 2 years and almost all the money has gone towards buy backs to keep the stock from tanking. This is quite a long term growth strategy.

Global Turmoil May Punish Complacency

Big Move Ahead for Gold?

Comment : Gold has a very bullish bottoming formation in its chart for the least year . A break above the 1400-1500 area and we should be off to the races.

Does Fed Have Exit Strategy

Comment : Wait until they printing $200 billion a month.

Company Selling Stocks His Record Pace

Comments: If companies are selling should you be buying???

TSA Fees To Make AirFare More Expensive

Comment : Nothing to see here, move on.

Buybacks Drive Market

Comment : Compensation is based on stock options. Cheap money allows them to buy stock back and inflate the stock price. Pros know this market is hugely overvalued. How long can this scam keep up?

Offshore Tax Crack Down opens with 30 percent Penalties

Comment: The problem is they are making foreign institutions that have nothing to do with America file . My hedge fund will have to file. And the beat goes on.


Comment: There is no inflation, war is peace, peace is war, the chocolate ration has been increased.

Fed gives Greenlight to Buy Stocks?

Comment: 2 green lights on a 4 way intersection will cause a multi car pile up and crash.