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Dolly Varden DV.v Merges with Fury , Vendetta VTT.v Locks in 4.7 million most at a premium to stock price, Pacific Ridge PEX.v intersects Massive Drill Hole


Dolly Varden Consolidates with Fury


VTT secures 4.7 in financing

Pacific Ridge News CLICK BELOW

Pacific Ridge, massive drill hole

Disclosure: David Owns VTT , Dolly Varden and VTT and sponsors of stock chart of the day and he has consulted with VTT and PEX in the past. He owns puts on NVDA

Sonoro Gold Report SGO.v and Adding to Short Positions

Dear Reader,

I have a research report about SGO as well . This is one of my largest holdings and I just wanted to again show why. The combination of a potentially increased 43-101 reserve and production in the new year should have this stock doing well.

CLICK BELOW for the report. Sonoro Appears on Page 16 and 17

Equity Research Switzerland July 2021

In addition, I am starting to get back into hedges and shorts. The market has a lot of divergences at the moment. This monday I will have a detailed outlook on why i think the market is finally topping and why we could be in for a very ugly fall.

Here are my positions (you do not have to do the same this is just what I own)

150 BUZZ October 2021 20 puts (these are my lottery ticket puts)
14 MSFT January 2022 200 puts (i am averaging down on a position you could buy puts that are closer to the money)
100 BUZZ January 2022 24 Puts
8 ARKK January 2022 100 puts

really arkk and buzz are all I think you need to do at the moment. I might add individual puts but really ARKK and BUZZ premiums are much lower than most equities at the moment.

Disclosure David is a consultant to Sonoro, they are a sponsor of stockchartoftheday and he owns the stock. David owns BUZZ MSFT and ARKK puts as outlined.